Gifts for dad


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Get dad the ultimate brain support bundle this father's day!

Brain Nectar: Support brain health with the potent ingredients inside Brain Nectar: Ginkgo Leaf, Gotu Kola Leaf, Lion's Mane Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Rosemary Leaf, and Mint Leaf.

Elevate: Give your dad the natural energy he needs without the crash, to work hard, problem-solve and reduce stress.

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4.8 | 17,945+ Happy Customers

Get dad the ultimate pain-free bundle this father's day!

Juicy Joint: Thousands of customers get pain relief from taking Juicy Joint daily.

Ache Relief: Throw your Icy Hot into the garbage. That trash has all kinds of chemicals making it's way into your blood stream. Our natural alternative is more powerful, feels great and has all organic ingredients.

Shilajit: Increase collagen growth and help boost testosterone levels with Shilajit resin. AKA "The Destroyer of Weakness"

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Give dad the gift of a powerful immune system this father's day!

Immuna: There is so 500mg of Vitamin C packed into this powerful mushroom blend. Chaga mushroom and Reishi mushrooms give the keep the immune system protected.

Shilajit: Relieve stressors that attack the immune system with Shilajit, AKA "The Destroyer of Weakness".

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4.8 | 17,945+ Happy Customers

Get dad the ultimate boost of testosterone this father's day!

Elevate: Give Dad the energy a cup of coffee just won't compare to. No caffeine, just a powerful all natural, non-depleting energy boost with cordyceps mushroom.

Shilajit: Add even more natural energy with a big boost in testosterone-producing hormones with Shilajit resin, AKA "The Destroyer of Weakness".

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