Your shilajit resin comes in a miron glass jar. We recommend using the back end of a spoon as it is a sticky substance and it will gum up the head of the spoon.

The recommended dose is 100 mg which is best taken first thing in the morning. That’s about the size of half a pea. The simplest way to take shilajit resin is to put it directly in your mouth. Allow it to dissolve or simply swallow it down.

It is not recommended to combine shilajit with citrus juices, as this may make aluminum content more bioavailable. 

Warning: you may end up with shilajit lips or teeth. This is not permanent.

Remember, it can also be mixed with anything else to enhance the potency and absorption. You can take more doses spread throughout the day if you wish.

Note: Please make sure to store this container in a cool dry place. Take care to keep the threads of the jar and lid clean and free of the pitch as this can cause the container to become ‘glued’ shut. We cannot replace shilajit that has become closed in this manner.