I’ve been riding Bmx professionally for over a decade now. This lifestyle included a lot of traveling, eating fast food, and partying. Throughout that time, I experienced my share of injuries. One particular injury spun my life around and guided me down a path I never imagined. After herniating two discs, BMX, my lifelong passion, motivated me to do whatever it took to get my health back so I could ride again.

My doctor suggested that I get back to surgery and quit riding. I began searching for natural ways to heal my injury since I didn’t want to take the risk of going under the knife. After weeks of research, I came across a book with healing protocols to aid in my recovery, but herbal supplements' regular use encouraged the most pronounced healing results. This journey allowed me to take a conscious look at the way I was previously living and the quality of fuel I was putting into my body. After experiencing such a profound transformation in my health, it changed who I was as a person. Seeing is believing but experiencing is knowing. I knew I had to share this valuable information with the world. From that point on, I absolutely fell in love with natural health, natural health meaning what it truly takes to nourish the human body. The holistic health information I’ve researched includes ancestral background and modern-day science.

This allowed me to develop a great strategy to optimize performance and longevity. My deepest passion is now regenerative nutrition, the most effective way to regain health. It all starts with the quality of nutrition we are feeding ourselves. Once you properly nourished, you suddenly have the energy to take on life, responsibilities, and actively reclaim your self's power! This allows us to walk a meaningful path in life. The fact that there are a million places on the internet you could have ended up, and you landed here really excites me to be a part of your health journey! It's truly an honor to share my passion for health with all of you! I know the importance that quality plays in substances; that's why I can assure you that you will never have to worry about quality as I myself hold quality in my heart as the highest principle!


In a world where nutritionally poor foods predominate, we are excited to offer high-density nourishment in an effective and accessible herbal supplement line. Plantsbasically consists of 100% organic & wild harvested; plants, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods. All of our blends are mindfully crafted with deep intentions for the consumer's best interest.

Our product line is athletically focused because physical activity is essential for health and longevity. Where ever you are in life and in the world… self-care is crucial for a successful future! Prosperity starts from within. Goals are less achievable in sick, tired, and stressed out bodies. When we feel our best it shows throughout achievements. Plantsbasically values your health and was created to build a world of healthy, flourishing humans who are living out their lives’ purpose.