“My motivation for adapting a healthy lifestyle/diet came to me once I stopped eating animals. Before I stopped eating animal products I wasn’t aware of the true power that your food and water have on your body. Once I started to find out how all those animals are really treated I was too disgusted to ever consume any animal again. No soul should have to be tortured the way that they are. I was horrified at what I saw and I knew eating meat was no longer an option in my life. Once I stopped eating them is when I became aware of what food can really do for your body. I started exploring new foods and in doing so I found a whole new world of food and health. Along with adapting a vegan diet I started to really pay attention to the water I was drinking, as well as doing yoga and stretching before I ride. Seeing the way my life and health have changed since I started is what keeps me going. My physical and mental health have improved more than I could’ve imagined, so I know there is no turning back”

“A little health goes a long way. After introducing the occasional superfood to my system, I realized the immense power they have. I had more energy, more mental motivation and healed quicker after physical damage from riding BMX. Now my superfood game is on lock and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Thank you PB for showing me the tincture life”

“I reached out to the healthy living lifestyle after my first major injury 6 years ago when I torn the labrum in my left shoulder. I knew i wanted to get back on the pedals as quickly as possible so I started studying health, fitness and nutrition for my road to recovery. After a few months of feeling the effects I was completely convinced and it stuck as a regular part of my everyday life”

“As with anyone who is active, it's important to aid yourself as much as possible with nutrient rich foods. This is to ensure your body is functioning and repairing efficiently, to keep up with the constant physical fatigue you undergo on a regular basis. I'm not perfect and I'm always looking for ways to improve my overall well-being one correction at a time, I feel like health and longevity is a constant journey of improvements and I can honestly say I'm glad I've took this path!”

“Health is everything to me. With good health everything else in life is easy and seems to just fall into place. When I feel like shit my mood is usually shit, but when I feel great there is nothing that can get me down. That’s why I put so much effort into my health. You gotta take care of yourself first before you can spread that good energy around the world”

“What motivated me in the first place was being tired of feeling tired and overall unmotivated. I started with eating healthier and paying attention to the food I was consuming not just as food but as nutrition. I started to really enjoy the food I was eating because I felt better in every sense. Once I started eating better I started getting up earlier, being more motivated to be active and it went from a push to better myself to a totally new lifestyle that felt positive in all aspects. Eating better stemmed into, working out and stretching and it has all made riding my bike more fun and it’s making it a lot easier to make riding last as long as I want it to”

“Seeing is believing, at least for me with adapting to a healthier lifestyle. I slowly started trying new things I heard my friends say to me and when you feel the difference its hard not to continue doing what feels good. I started years ago with eating cleaner and utializing more natural supplements to have more consistant energy and help my body recover faster. You have to take care of your body if you wanna feel good and ride your best.”

“This was the teaching from life itself. If you can hear, everyone is the guru. I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot and get inspired by so many different cultures. And it made me realize that everything has a purpose. You may not see it now and find it useless or random but one day the purpose will be revealed, provided you desire to see. So unless you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be in anymore there’s no reason to change anything. So, I guess, I started being “health conscious” in the “unhealthy” situation. And then the principle of the “higher taste” took full effect. The fact is that once you’ve tasted something better than what you’ve already had you can’t go back. You’ll never forget the higher taste. So it goes on with you willing to taste this blissful feeling of being sober and healthy ! Happiness and self-satisfaction increases to such an extent that you feel immense gratitude, humility and tolerance... but all this was just the beginning as these qualities are the basis of spiritual life. Now I want to give it all back, knowing that everything belongs to the One. ॐ Hare Krishna ॐ”