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raw food V.s. cooked

Raw food is incredibility cleansing, hydrating and healing for the body. Eating food in its natural state unaltered the way nature delivers it brings a certain level of vitaility. When heating our food it disorganizes the molecules which throws off the nutritional value of the food. This is a concern because the food supply has progressively gotten worse and worse over time. The real problem is in the soil and how food is grown with the proper farming technics. When we eat we are trying to always do two things, hydrate and mineralize ourselves from the foods we are eating. Cooking being a issue because it removes the water along with devalues the minerals and vitamins bringing the already low nutritional foods even lower. Another problem is the enzymes are removed be heat starting around the 118 degree area up or down depending on the food.


Life force energy is present in raw food that you can see when looking at the difference between both a cooked food and a raw food under kirlian imaging. This alone is enough evidence to convince people that raw foods hold greater value then cooked. Raw foods have all the enzymes intact which is necessary for all utilization for digestion and metabolism processes. When you eat a meal thats raw vs cooked theres a “taste change” that occurs  naturally letting you know that your full that doesn’t happen when eating cooked foods because of the heating process allowing over eating to take place. From personal experience I've felt the difference between the two and its a energetic level thats unexplainable and must be felt for ones self if wanting to do so. When it comes to healing RAW FOOD is a must!! Cooked food is very grounding and can be used to slow your energy levels down. Both very important and nessasry in thier own way.


"The Raw food diet along with Supplementation, Botanica/Tonicl Herbs, SuperFoods and the correct ratio of food groups carefully chosen for you is a lifestyle that will bring you the best physical, spiritual and mental health you've ever experienced!"