My motivation for adapting a healthy lifestyle/diet came to me once I stopped eating animals. Before I stopped eating animal products I wasn’t aware of the true power that your food and water have on your body. Once I started to find out how all those animals are really treated I was too disgusted to ever consume any animal again. No soul should have to be tortured the way that they are. I was horrified at what I saw and I knew eating meat was no longer an option in my life. Once I stopped eating them is when I became aware of what food can really do for your body. I started exploring new foods and in doing so I found a whole new world of food and health. Along with adapting a vegan diet I started to really pay attention to the water I was drinking, as well as doing yoga and stretching before I ride. Seeing the way my life and health have changed since I started is what keeps me going. My physical and mental health have improved more than I could’ve imagined, so I know there is no turning back
I reached out to the healthy living lifestyle after my first major injury 6 years ago when I torn the labrum in my left shoulder. I knew i wanted to get back on the pedals as quickly as possible so I started studying health, fitness and nutrition for my road to recovery. After a few months of feeling the effects I was completely convinced and it stuck as a regular part of my everyday life
What motivated me in the first place was being tired of feeling tired and overall unmotivated. I started with eating healthier and paying attention to the food I was consuming not just as food but as nutrition. I started to really enjoy the food I was eating because I felt better in every sense. Once I started eating better I started getting up earlier, being more motivated to be active and it went from a push to better myself to a totally new lifestyle that felt positive in all aspects. Eating better stemmed into, working out and stretching and it has all made riding my bike more fun and it’s making it a lot easier to make riding last as long as I want it to
Change is possible to everyone, in each moment its available and up for grabs if you want it bad enough. Its possible to completely change your life around from one direction to another for the absolute best! That is my experience and I am living proof that you can to do the very same thing by applying the proper knowledge that creates results. My goal is to help as many of you get there by offering service, products and information that works! Proper nutrition is where it all begins and ripples outward from there throughout your life. Its impossible for us to achieve our highest level of ourselves when we don’t feel good, tired or sick. So lets make health our first and top priority by doing so will be the best decision you ever make. There is no price tag on our health so don’t sell yourself short you are worth everything and more! Lets reach the highest level of health together