JJ Palmere


change for the better.


JJ Palmere - Professional Bmx Rider, Natural Health, Nutrition, Herbalism and Detoxification! Being a Professional Athlete for over A decade now has lead JJ to much traveling experiences gaining knowledge in many different areas of life along with injuries that have challenged him to become who he is today! Dedicated to his mission he’s very passionate about what he does. His love for achieving the best health possible is driven by his love for nature. Although he wasn’t always like this, he used to lived quite the opposite life previously up to his back injury. Experiencing a severe back injury is the thing that completely changed his life and lead him to research how to heal himself naturally. Making a miraculous transformation within himself has gifted him a reason to acquire the knowledge to overcome a challenge necessary for change. 

Trevor K -


Change is possible to everyone, in each moment its available and up for grabs if you want it bad enough. Its possible to completely change your life around from one direction to another for the absolute best! That is my experience and I am living proof that you can to do the very same thing by applying the proper knowledge that creates results. My goal is to help as many of you get there by offering service, products and information that works! Proper nutrition is where it all begins and ripples outward from there throughout your life. Its impossible for us to achieve our highest level of ourselves when we don’t feel good, tired or sick. So lets make health our first and top priority by doing so will be the best decision you ever make. There is no price tag on our health so don’t sell yourself short you are worth everything and more! Lets reach the highest level of health together!! 

JJ Palmere -