bmx saved my life...

Bmx is more then just an action sport, it's a lifestyle! It's something you become by living your life completely surrounded with people who share the same passion as you. Creating great experiences and lessons to be learned from traveling around, meeting new souls gaining street smarts in the world. Keeping you active, athletic, healthy and young by being a great source of physical activity makes Bmx a awesome form of exercise!  Life works in mysterious ways, you never know where something might lead you in the future. Something you start as a child for fun can bring you around the world by simply falling in love with it and sticking to what makes you happy. Teaching many disciplines and mentally challenging Bmx has taught me alot over the years. The injuries I’ve experienced drove me to seek out how to heal myself. By doing so ive reached a level of optimum health like never before! Even though its got its down sides (injuries) the things you view as being negative aren’t always as they appear, they actually are signs to help you grow for the better and Bmx has done just that for me! Allowing me to heal with a fully recovery and to feel the best on and off my bike more then I ever have before in the past. It's a love experience ill always cherish in my heart and I cant thank Bmx enough for all its brought me!


JJ Palmere -